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Four Big Trends
into 2023

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show is a must for designers, and 2023 was no exception! It’s the largest trade show in North America, dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design, with over 1,800 exhibitors and 200,000 attendees. I’ve attended many editions of KBIS and always look forward to seeing the latest shapes, materials and technologies in kitchens and bathrooms. They give me further inspiration for designing bespoke, luxury spaces for my clients.

There was so much variety across every material imaginable – but a few things really stood out for me, confirming ongoing trends in kitchen and bathroom remodels for 2023:

1. Focus on texture
Mirroring trends in interiors and soft furnishings, there were textured finishes for all kitchen and bathroom products, from fixtures to countertops. Raw and grainy finishes created a warmer, inviting feel. Some high-end countertops also featured textured veins, or were part of a statement kitchen island with waterfall edges.

2. Earthy, organic hues
With an increasing awareness of the environment and sustainability, many kitchen styles had a more natural, organic feel. This was clear both in terms of color, such as light green, ochre and coral, and also the use of wood for cabinets and stone for countertops. Warmer whites were used in bathrooms too. 2023 continues to bring the outdoors indoors.

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3. Doubling up
Open spaces were big in bathrooms, with double vanity units and even double shower areas. Freestanding tubs continue to be a focal point, with a huge range of configurations and color combinations inside and out. Bathroom spaces were more pared-down, with fewer patterns and a ‘less is more’ philosophy. The double kitchen island is also making an appearance in 2023, meeting the need for more flexible, luxury entertaining spaces in the home.

4. Sleek lines
A new minimalist feel took the form of thinner countertops and horizontal flow in kitchens, giving a light, ‘floating’ look. I was particularly struck by a strong European design influence, seen in lift-up cabinets rather than hinged doors and a sleek, continuing lines. Handle-less designs and appliances in drawers also contribute to this streamlined look.

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Keeping up to date with the latest in the market gives me and my clients a world of options when starting a project. I offer a complete design and management service from start to finish, and I make sure every detail is covered to create a beautiful, functional room.

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